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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yes, that will be fine.

Guess What? We're going to Florida. We're buying four round trip tickets and hauling our little brood to the East Coast. Yes, we are going to Walt Disney World.

But, we also had the BRILLIANT idea of flying to North Carolina first to take the kids to visit their new cousin and her parents, huz's brother and sister-in-law. Then we thought we would rent a car and drive 5 hours to Jacksonville to spend four days, including New Year's Eve and Day with Grandma MIL. How exciting to have us all come and visit right at Christmas Time, when she is on Christmas break and everything (She will not miss one solitary day of work for any West-Coast garndchild related reason).

the MIL is always upset about the huz and his brother not getting along, so how wonderful it is that we are visiting them.

Huz emailed her the details of our trip - flights, cars, dates, EXCITEMENT!!! Moira has even sent handmade cards - with letters on them in her own writing. And I have been sending pictures and notes, and everything to cheer this woman up.

Her email reply to all of this hoopla?

"Yes, that will be fine."

Seriously, that was it (the entire email message). It will be fine.

You know what would actually be fine? If we just went to Walt Disney World and let her drag herself to visit us. Or, how about if she purchased one plane ticket for her one self to fly more than once every three years. (She doesn't work for 12 weeks in the summer, two weeks in the winter, and one week in the Spring). Or, if she doesn't want to visit us, and likes having little pen pals and a weekly phone conversation with someone in California who happens to be her son and her grandchildren - that would be fine, too.

Here is the letter I would like to send:

Dear MIL,

We have heard your complaints about never seeing your grandchildren, and your sons spending more time together. We are coming - to see you - in Florida. And, we are making a special trip to North Carolina to see the new baby. So, please, be a little bit happy. Of course, you are always welcome to come and see us in California, even if you don't need a West Coast vacation - you could just come see the kids!

By the way, when you do see the little ones, you might want to focus on them, and not so much on the sightseeing that just doesn't work for small children. They don't really like to see the Producers, and the Queen Mary is just not that special for a 6-month old. You might be a little more energetic when they want to do things like go to the park. And, when you bring a camera with you, you might want to take pictures of the KIDS. Then you might have some pictures you actually like.

Another helpful idea for visiting new parents with new babies: be helpful instead of helpless. We're tired, and it is hard work to go on any outings, let alone antique shopping with a stroller and a 4-year old. Instead of being afraid of driving on these crazy California roads, maybe you could take a chance and come and visit. We really do drive on the same side of the road as in Florida!


If you complain that we never visit, then we will probably have to visit you once in a while, even if it is against our better judgement and our budget. And if you don't want to visit us, then you'll have to stop whining and complaining to everyone about how you never get to see your grandchildren. You can't have it both ways.


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