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Friday, June 09, 2006

My Mother (not in-law)

So, this time I would like to keep it positive. Let's talk about my mom, Grandma S.

My mother and I have usually (not always) enjoyed a very close relationship (things got a little cloudy there between years 15 and 19). She is a free-thinking, free-spirited person, full of adventure and love. I was fortunate to have her as a mother, and my daughter is even more fortunate to have her as a grandmother.

When my daugher was born, our relationship blossomed into something even more fantastic than it already was. I am like many women who find new appreciation for their mothers when they have children of their own. She was as excited as a grandmother to be could be. After all, I was 30, and it was about time. I am the oldest of 6 children, and there hadn't been a baby around since my youngest brother was born (he was 12 when my girl was born). More on him in another post. She went shopping with me, calmed my irrational-hormone driven fears, and generally made me feel wonderful.

When my daughter was born, my mother was in the delivery room with her calming, easy style. She also happens to be a registered nurse and served as my technical advisor, qualified both by education and experience (6 kids, remember).

When we came home, my mother made a habit of stopping by ever so briefly to bring us home cooked meals, relieve me for a much needed hour or two of sleep, or even just to do the dishes. When I went back to work (albeit part-time), my mother became our primary caregiver. I don't really know what we would have done withour her.

Since my daughter has grown older, they have become such great friends. The larger part of Grandma S's living room has become a dedicated play space, full of fun things to explore, especially with arts and crafts. She gets to do all the messy studd I would dread at home when she's there! I think she would love it even more if her living room were teeming with dozens of grandkids.

If I am the crazy mommy lady, she is the even crazier grandma lady. Yesterday, my daughter was especially wired, running around like a wind-up toy gone haywire. I finally asked her in an exasperated tone, "Who made you so crazy?" She replied, "Grandma S did." It's true, she makes us all crazy, but remember that crazy is a compliment in my world. My daughter manages to have so much fun at her house that my husband can hardly pry her fingers from the door when it is time to take her home. Sometimes she thinks that I might worry about her keeping things too wild, but what a great gift for my daughter to have someone in her life who bends the rules just exactly the right amount.


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