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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ready, Set, Go!

So I'm the Crazy Mommy Lady - a name given to me by my crazy husband and crazy 3-year old daughter. In our household crazy is a compliment, as it was in the household I grew up in.

We live in Southern California and are constantly frustrated with the fact that no one (including us) can afford to buy a home for the first time around here. We have watched friend after friend emigrate and leave us behind. We would love to have a big back yard where all of our dozens of children and large dogs could play and romp free. But, alas we have one child and a hampster and live in a rented townhome. We've set a goal - get into a house before said child turns 5 and has to go to kindergarten.

Our daughter was born on May 10th, 2003 and we are now considering starting all over again with #2. Actually, to be more precise, we have thrown caution to the wind and are no longer insisting upon NOT having another baby. We really prefer not to use the phrase "trying to have a baby" as it has brought to mind way too many visuals from friends of ours. So, no house, no dog, but we are going to go for it. Our first child will be something approaching four years old by the time this happens, and I will be nearly 35.

So, the race is on between the new addition and home ownership in Southern California
On your mark
Get set


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